air-lux is a floor-to-ceiling glass façade system with large-surface sliding windows and a unique sealing concept. The maintenance-free air-lux sliding window system with sliding windows up to 18 m2 was developed by Krapf AG, a leading Swiss metal and façade engineering company and comprehensive provider of quality solutions. With air-lux, Krapf AG offers architects, façade planners and home-builders a versatile window façade system that is as architecturally and aesthetically appealing as it is structurally sound.

Air-Lux Sliding windows up to 25 m² in size Big is best – and this is also true for air-lux sliding windows. With the help of the air seal, the system is capable of absorbing far greater structural tolerances than conventional sealing systems. This in turn allows for leaf sizes of up to 8 × 3.1 m (width × height) or 3.1 × 6 m (when maximizing width or height, respectively) with frameless, floor-to-ceiling installation. At a weight of nearly 2 metric tonnes, a slider of this kind works much like a glass façade, which can be slid away to the side in virtual silence. 

The descending window extends the air-lux product portfolio with an impressive new way of opening. The complete width of the descending window can be opened and the whole window unit is lowered into the ground. The advantage over sliding units: no fixed elements needed for the window to slide in front of.

The Air-Lux pivoting door is an opening system with a central or lateral rotating axis that allows for very large door panels in glass and other materials. A fascinating alternative to conventional revolving doors for wide entrance spaces. 

Near the sea, the salt content in the air and water increases the demands on buildings and façade components. Air-Lux has developed a system that performs reliably even under maritime conditions.

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