Glasbox™ offers a complete package of aluminum Schueco solutions. Our team coordinates the design, custom shop drawings, and engineering to help realize your fenestration goals. Options include concealed motorized windows, large format glass sizes, biometric locking systems integrated into doors, thousands of color and finish options, enhanced security options, and more. The systems are independently tested and NFRC certified for both dual and triple glazed configurations, and allow for the use of either domestic or European glass.


The product is created in the Glasbox™ factory in Germany using state of the art equipment. We employ the highest standards of quality assurance throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. Your windows and doors are carefully packaged in containers by a dedicated team and sent directly to the construction site for installation.


The Glasbox™ aluminum lineup utilizes Schuco components to create a full array of fenestration and façade solutions in the areas of windows, doors, structural curtain walls, and skylight assemblies.


Schueco Product Information


Our product includes the following:


WS10 – CV Tilt & Turn Windows

WS100 – Window Systems

DS10 – Automated Door Systems

DS10 – Inswing/Outswing Doors

LS10 – Lift & Slide Doors

CW2.0 – Curtain Wall System 2″ Wide

CW1.5 – Curtain Wall System 1 3/8″ Wide

Concealed Motors


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